Basic Tips


Make sure your surface, tools and hands are clean and dry.

Wrap and seal fondant that’s not in use.

Work fast to keep fondant pliable.

Knead the fondant, it will become softer and more pliable as you knead it.

Use shortening, cornstarch or powdered sugar to make a non-stick surface.

Roll out to about 1/8” thick.

Use a firm cake mix (like pound cake).

After use, store fondant at room temperature (but put chocolate in the fridge).

Essential Tools


Shaker with cornstarch/powdered sugar – eliminates sticking of fondant to other surfaces

Shortening – eliminates sticking of fondant to other surfaces, helps repair fondant that is slightly dried/cracking

Non-stick Silicone mat – work area for rolling out fondant

Rolling pin – 17” for large cakes, 7” rolling pin for small projects

Small offset spatula – helps lift delicate fondant shapes

Pizza cutter (small) – easily trim excess fondant from base of cakes

Fondant smoother – helps adhere the fondant layer to the buttercream/cake

Revolving cake stand – revolving stands make it easier to work around the cake

Paintbrush – water acts as an adhesive for fondant, use a paintbrush to apply water to fondant

Sculpting tool set (5,7, or 9 piece – plastic or stainless steel) – form, shape, mark and imprint fondant and gum paste decoration

Prepping The Cake


Kneading & Rolling


Covering, Smoothening & Trimming


Troubleshooting The Basics


Cake Borders & Boards


Color Mixing