Our Story

After crafting heart-warming desserts at G’s Patisserie, Chef G wanted to expand & make a greater difference to everyone’s lives in addition to being a part of all things happy. Having tried and tested several of the sugar paste brands available in the market, and being exasperated with all the quality issues that came with product inconsistencies & seasonal differences, she decided to work on a solution.

365 days, over 400 attempts and a crash course in food technology later led to the inception of Confect. A product made keeping in mind the developing Indian Bakery Industry, the harsh and significantly varying weather conditions across the country at any given time.

Great care & perseverance went into creating, planning, testing & analyzing this product; ensuring that we covered an entire year all environmental factors possible. The product development journey also saw a lot of sample testing, trial groups and timely feedback from fellow bakers. It’s safe to say that Confect is the culmination of product but of love, grit & determination to find a better more suitable alternative.